Extra Touches

These extra touches can be done as needed per your request.

Nail Trim Only:
Nails are trimmed or sanded. Regular trimming of nails will prevent nail overgrowth. Overgrown nails may result in damage to furniture and hard wood floors as well as lameness.

Clean Ears:
Excess hair in the ear canals is removed and the ears are cleaned to prevent infections. This is included in the Full Service Grooming.

Anal Gland Expression:
If your dog is "scooting", this may need to be done. If the anal glands are not emptying normally, they may become infected, and in severe cases, rupture. This is included in the Full Service Grooming.

Every grooming comes with a 30 minute brush-out included. Matted fur does not allow air circulation to the skin. Over time, this can cause hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, and other parasites may be living in the matted coat, causing further skin problems.
For excessive matting, there is an additional charge of $15.00/15min

Hot Oil Treatment:
This is helpful for dogs with extremely dry skin.

Custom Color:
Show off your pet's style along with yours! The charge for this service varies with the complexity of the color pattern or design, and the length of your pet's coat.
$20- $75.00

A de-shedding process that removes up to 50% more hair than regular brushing.

Tooth Brushing:
Using toothpaste formulated for pets, this will help prevent tarter buildup and help freshen breath. Tarter buildup will lead to gum disease, which can contribute to systemic disease.

15 Minute Massage Bath:
Let your pet receive a relaxing massage during the bathing process.

Tear Stain Removal:
While nothing will completely and permanently remove these under eye stains, this treatment will lighten the offending stain.

Pad Treatment:
This service will soften dry, cracked pads and elbow calluses.

Blueberry Facial:
This great smelling facial shampoo and will help remove tear stains, while freshening the face by removing any odors left by food debris and eye drainage.

Ice Cream & Treat:
Offer your pet a refreshing ice cream treat and gourmet dog cookie.

Pick Up & Delivery:
For our clients who find getting their pet to the groomer difficult, we will pick up your pet and deliver him/her back to you expertly groomed.
$5.00 each way

*Prices subject to change


"Highly Recommended!"

After many frustrating experiences with other groomers, we decided to check out Dogs' Own. What a relief. Our dog came back happy and looking like a Bichon!!

"Jennie has groomed my dogs for 15 years"

Whether in a short maintenance clip or long for the show ring, Jennie does a wonderful job.